What Is A PDO Thread lift in Naples??

A PDO thread lift is a revolutionary new treatment in the world of aesthetics, but PDO threads themselves have been used safely for decades for various applications, like treating gynecological disorders or suturing incisions after medical procedures. When used as an aesthetic treatment, there are a few things you should know.

First, it mechanically results in instant skin lifting. Second, it contracts fat tissue to result in instant skin tightening. Third, it promotes collagen production and neovascularization to renew your skin at the cellular level. All of this works together to give you enhanced skin texture, fewer fine lines and wrinkles and more elastic skin.

How Long Does A PDO Thread Lift Last?

When some people hear about a new PDO thread lift treatment, they can’t help but ask, “What’s the bottom line?” The bottom line always has to do with results, so you may be wondering first, if this treatment is worth it, and second, how long your results will last. This treatment is so effective because it offers both immediate and long-lasting results. The initial treatment will lift and support your skin, an effect that you’ll notice immediately after your treatment.

The treatment will also initiate some long-term results, like collagen production. These results will appear over time, so once you leave your appointment, you can rest in the fact that your results will just keep getting better over time. Within six to eight months, you’ll experience your final results. Results do vary among patients, but most people enjoy results that last for 18 months or longer.

Why Should I Get PDO Threads?

Just one PDO thread treatment can quickly and effectively contour the face, neck and jawline, erase wrinkles from the skin and so much more! Here are a few reasons why you should try PDO threads:

  1. Improved elasticity and texture. As we get older, the sun and the aging process naturally takes a toll on our skin’s elasticity and texture. We go from having smooth, soft skin to skin that no longer has the same elasticity as when we were younger.
  2. Reduces wrinkles. Like Botox, PDO threads are a great way to reduce the wrinkles on your face. They can help with fine lines that are starting to develop as well as deep folds that you may have had on your face for several years.
  3. Brightens skin tone. PDO threads improve the condition of your skin, giving you a more radiant appearance. This treatment rejuvenates the skin because of the lifting effect, which will give you more defined facial contours.
  4. Natural-looking results. Just one PDO treatment makes it possible to reverse unwanted signs of aging and enhance your overall appearance – all without a painful, invasive process or extended recovery time! Whether you want to contour your jawline, reduce nasolabial and marionette lines or lift the skin around the eyebrows and cheeks, PDO threads make it possible.

How Can I Get PDO Threads?

Simple, give us a call at Victory Wellness! We are fully certified and trained in delivering excellent PDO Thread results.

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