Grotox In Naples

Grotox is a groundbreaking penile penile enlargement treatment designed to address the hyperactive penile retraction reflex. By injecting the muscle responsible for the reflex, Grotox allows the penis to hang more freely, increasing flaccid length and providing relief from painful retractions.

Grotox For Men

Grotox in Naples to Enhance Your Member

Grotox®, Penile Botulinum Toxin (Botox®, Xeomin®, Dysport®), hopes to spare embarrassment to Growers and alleviate painful retractions. During situations that illicit the retraction reflex, a man’s penis may resemble our turtle pictured in the upper photo. After Grotox®, the resting flaccid state is more exterior like the turtle depicted in the lower photo. Botulinum Toxin can allow the penis to hang more thus increasing the flaccid penile length. Erect length, however, remains unaltered.

Grotox Results From Victory Wellness Naples Are Truly AMAZING!

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